Mixed Media on Paper, Kelly Anne Powers

Hello there and welcome!

I am a mixed media painter and a third generation artist: my mother and grandmother are both accomplished watercolor painters. I originally found my own artistic voice in documentary filmmaking and editing. But after spending almost a decade creating instructional DVDs for artists, I picked up my own brush and began to paint, scrape, and scribble.

My work centers around texture and pattern. I use stencils and stamps (including ones I’ve designed myself) to create faces, birds, and flowers. Each subject matter takes on a slightly different use of the same tools, but the results are colorful pieces ranging from abstracted faces to collaged owls.

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  1. Hi Kelly Anne,
    I believe you have a great future for creative art as you already have developed an artistic skill in filming. I believe your ability to texturize, stamp, stencil, collage, etc will lead to a satisfying passion that will bring you interesting life choices. Please continue producing and sharing your progress.

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